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Kids Playing Soccer

Help Us Grow and Support the Power House  

Join our Power House Team!

Whether you are here for the first time or returning to discover what you can do to support the Power House Youth Center- we hope you will consider becoming part of our wonderful team of community members who support a safe place for youth to engage with one another.


How Can I Support Power House?

 We want you to know it takes a team when it comes to providing a safe place for the youth of our community to gather and engage in healthy activities with one another. The Power House Youth Center is largely operated by volunteers and supported entirely by donations to operate. We need many volunteers and sufficient funding to continue providing for area youth in grades 6 - 12.  Below are the benefits and the blessings needed to fulfill them.

Benefits for Youth

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Youth centers provide youth with access to safe, supportive environments where they can connect with peers, gain skills, get support, learn about themselves, and just exist. Spaces that are devoted to young people, especially ones with the flexibility of youth centers, offer the following benefits and positive outcomes outlined here:

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Dollar Bill in Jar

Donations of time, talent, money, or goods support:

A simple family-style meal for the kids each week

Internet access to support academic tutoring and communication

Tutoring lab supplies

A variety of learning opportunities for kids- what skill or passion can you share?

Sporting equipment

Musical equipment

Craft and other activities supplies

Rent and utilities

...and so much more!

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What does it take to be a volunteer?

Here’s the truth about what our youth need –

Youth need adults who will...

  • Love God and live for Christ

  • Love youth and be interested in their lives

  • Take the initiative to get to know our youth

  • Pray for our youth

  • Be real

  • Say encouraging things

  • Believe in youth

  • Laugh and have a good time

  • Remember names

  • Share God’s love through personal experiences

  • Be consistent with your attendance

  • Be patient

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