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Welcome and thank you for checking in to get to know us!

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Our Mission

The mission of the Power House

is to provide

the youth of the community

with positive alternatives

to negative behaviors

in a safe, drug-free environment

surrounded by

caring Christian adults.

Our Goals

  1. Show the love of Christ

  2. Build positive peer relationships

  3. Connect youth with role models

  4. Help students academically

Power House  Beginnings

Lanita Stutzman, her husband Shelby, and three sons live a mile and a half from the Flambeau school. As Lanita would go past the school on errands, the Lord impressed on her the mission field in her own back yard. From those prayers Falcon Faith, a Bible study with high school students each Tuesday morning, began.

As the 2015-16 school year progressed, Lanita felt led to go to an event in Fort Wayne, Indiana so she made plans to attend even though she was not exactly sure why she felt the strong pull to go. Two weeks before, Lanita was presented with an opportunity to consider opening a youth center in Ladysmith. The example shared with her was the Power House; located right where she was heading!

After seeing the Power House in Indiana and meeting with it's co-founder, Lanita's passion for a youth center in Ladysmith grew. She began seeking out others interested  to help develop the new youth center in our community. Lanita and others created and built what we know today as The Power House of Ladysmith currently operating in the old Ladysmith Elementary school. Attendance has grown right along with the many activities offered today for kids in grades 6 - 12.



Lanita Stutzman, Founder conducting an Alpha Retreat with Power House kids in 2021.

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